Lake Minnetonka VFW

God's purpose for the United States of America is both appealing
and intriguing.  God has watched over our destiny in previous and
current wars and we can be inspired with trust that He will continue
to do the same.

Chat with the Chaplain will help a pensive warrior who is searching
for an understanding of their service in the military.  Scripture and
war experiences can make a spiritual connection between the heart
and God.

Post-traumatic stress is a medical condition.  We hope veterans with
issues of depression/anger/guilt recognize the importance to seek
treatment.  Trust God.
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If you desire moral support, prayer or just need to converse with
another warrior who shares your same experiences, please contact
the Lake Minnetonka Post Chaplain Art Peterson at 952-944-6991
“Fear knocked at the door.
Faith answered.
Nobody was there!”

Mark Twain
                                    Moses and You?

The church has been likened to a football game in which thousands of
spectators desperately in need of exercise are watching a handful of
players desperately in need of rest.  Have you been to church lately?
Are you a spectator or a player?

Do you have a list of reasons excusing you from active duty in your local
church?   Moses had a speech impediment and an inferiority complex, but
he still became a great national, spiritual and military leader who stepped
up at the age of 80 to serve the Israelites, but more important to answer the
call from God himself.

God isn't recruiting you to lead a nation from bondage, but he definitely
wants you to know what he can accomplish through you.  For all that you
may lack, he is the great "I AM".  Answer his call, "I AM" is all you need for
In God's plan for successful living, character
is more important than intelligence