Lake Minnetonka VFW

God's purpose for the United States of America is both appealing
and intriguing.  God has watched over our destiny in previous and
current wars and we can be inspired with trust that He will continue
to do the same.

Chat with the Chaplain will help a pensive warrior who is searching
for an understanding of their service in the military.  Scripture and
war experiences can make a spiritual connection between the heart
and God.

Post-traumatic stress is a medical condition.  We hope veterans with
issues of depression/anger/guilt recognize the importance to seek
treatment.  Trust God.

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If you desire moral support, prayer or just need to converse with
another warrior who shares your same experiences, please contact
the Lake Minnetonka Post Chaplain Art Peterson at 952-944-6991
“Fear knocked at the door.
Faith answered.
Nobody was there!”

Mark Twain
                               STRENGTH AND POWER

One of the ole prophets predicts that “the feeblest among us will be
like David, the great warrior”.   This statement means that strength will
come not from our own physical power, material, or even military
superiority, but strength comes from a relationship with God.   Did you
ever think about that while you were in battle?   I have to admit, I never
did.   Is this still true today?   Regardless of our veteran skills, physical
conditions, or even our financial worth, we can be strong in the Lord.   
Our strength does come from the Lord Almighty.   As vets, we can
draw on this power and strength every day of our lives.   Make this