Why Join our Post?
We welcome all veterans who have served honorably
in the U.S. Armed Forces and have volunteered to
place themselves in harms way to serve this great
country, in the name of liberty and justice for all.

We are an active and friendly VFW Post that is
composed of individuals who have served in: WWII,
Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War and the war
against radical Islam.  

Some of our veterans are currently serving on active
duty in foreign countries.  Some of us are aged and
not so old, commissioned and non-commissioned,
and both male and female, from all branches of the
services.  But we all have a common military bond
that makes us united in our mission.

The numbers of attendees at our monthly meetings
enable us to dialogue with each other and debate
open issues, and be assured your voice will be heard.  
We seek opinions on how to better support
veterans/families and how we can contribute to our
If willing, you will have the opportunity to assume an
officer position, and to participate in community
activities in a short period of time.

The Post takes a strong stance on education of our
In the pursuit of patriotism, we are active in the
Voice of Democracy speech contest at the high
school level, the Patriot Pen essay scholarship
program in the Junior High schools.  

We express our admiration and devotion of veterans
and families by participating in military funerals,
visiting patients at the Veterans Hospital, supporting
the Armed Forces Service Center at the airport, and
contributing to the VFW orphanage in Michigan.   

By having veterans join our Post in a united effort
with the other 8,000 Posts across this nation we
enhance our probability to have legislation approved
at the state and national levels to increase support
for veterans and dependents.

The Lake Minnetonka Post has continued to
maintain a strong financial balance sheet by
managing expenses, and participating in programs
and activities that produce income.  Your VFW fees
are the only expenses you need to anticipate.

Our goal at VFW Post #5919 is to achieve our
mission, but we intend to fellowship together and
have fun along that continuous process.

Welcome, to the VFW Lake Minnetonka Post
Lake Minnetonka VFW
Post #5919
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We pledge allegiance to USA,
one nation under God, forever
For those who have dared to take the oath to serve