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                                               Bergdahl is symptom

There is a story about a three-legged pig that illustrates some of what Obuma did to our
military. A farmer was asked why his pig had only three legs. He replied: “You see that
pig. One night our house caught on fire while we were asleep. Without regard for his
own life, the pig raced into the house squealing away. He went from bedroom to
bedroom waking us up. He dragged our baby out the door and saved all our lives.”  
What has that got to do with the three legs? “Well, dummy,” said the farmer, “you don’t
eat a pig like that all at once.”
While Clinton loathed the military, BHO tried to destroy it. Obuma left the pig with only
two legs. But worse, he tore its heart out and castrated it.
Obuma moved our military beyond hollow to a point where the foundation, the ethos, its
morale and traditional values were attacked. Obama created a quad-sexual military with
its LGBT policies, and he put females in foxholes, both of which are readiness killers. All
these changes had a profound impact on the ethos, the foundation of military discipline
and order. We see the remnants in the naval and other readiness disasters. The
materiel side of readiness can be fixed, but the ethos side is more problematic.
There has ever been a greater injustice done to the discipline, moral and ethos of our
military than the Bowe Bugdahl sentence. Bugdahl is a coward, a traitor who deserted
his fellow brothers in arms and admitted it!   Bugdahl is not the problem; we have few of
him, and we have vastly more of those who risked and gave their lives to rescue him.
The problem is the judge, Col. Jeffrey Nance. We have too many of him in our military
courts and in the leadership of the military.
We can only pray that the military will return to the ethos that has secured our freedoms
this many years.