Lake Minnetonka VFW
Post #5919
Photos of Events
             4th of July celebration on Lake Minnetonka
Folding the flag ceremony at Memorial Day program
Veteran's Day celebration at Applebees
Veteran's Day celebration at Excelsior school
Cpt Louie Zamperini and Post Cmndr Laughlin
Lucky Louie was a WWII B24 Bombardier, who
crashed at sea on a rescue mission.  He and 2
crewmembers survived on a life raft for 47
days, only to be rescued by the Japanese.  He
then spent over 2 years as POW.  Louie ran in
the 1936 Olympics, along with Jesse Owens,
and met Hitler in Berlin.  Louie is a true patriot
and hero.  Read his book, "Devil at my heels".
Post Cmndr Laughlin thanking Dave Roever for
being an American warrior.  DR joined the navy
and served as a riverboat gunner in the elite
Brown Water Black Beret in Vietnam.  After 8
months into tour duty, he was burned beyond
recognition when a Ph grenade exploded in his
hand.  Enduring 14 months hospital care with
numerous surgeries, his survival and life is
miraculous.  DR is no stranger to war on terror,
with 6 tours to war zone supporting soldiers.
With the help of Almighty God, DR has dedicated
his life to the mission of helping young warriors
with the emotional recovery (PTS,TBI) after
devastating injury.  Read his books, "War &
Recovery A Spiritual Journey and also "Scarred".
Memorial Day Parade
Howard Johnson honored to raise the flag at
Twins game 2016.
Home Page
Cub Scout flag training at Maple Grove with
Sgt Howard Johnson leading the way.  2015
Cliff Laughlin raising flag at Twins game 2017.
This page is dedicated to Sgt Dick Mick, a national hero and member
of our Post, who never took the uniform off.   
Vets fishing trip on Lake of the Woods 2017.  Great
fishing, great food, great boat and a great captain Pete
(Army veteran).  We thank the sponsors and Todd who
made this 4 day trip available.  Post members Todd D,
Howard J and Cliff L.
Veteran's Day at MHS 2018 with Doc, Mike,
Dave, Howard and Cliff.
Dave Hanson raising flag at Twins game 2019
Post members (CL,TN) awarding plaque to Mark
Johnson store manager at Cub 7hi for their
continual support of Veterans, and especially
Poppy Days.