Post  Commander              Glen Skrivseth  

Sr Vice Commander           Todd Dionne  
Jr Vice Commander            Mike Kasid
Quartermaster                    Howard Johnson
Judge Advocate                 Paul Larsen
Trustee 3 Year                   Cliff Laughlin
Trustee 2 Year                   Paul Larsen
Trustee 1 Year                   Duane Bjerke
Adjutant                              Howard Johnson
Chaplain                             Art Peterson
Surgeon                              Dave Hanson
Officer of Day                      Mike Kasid          
Service Officer                    Todd Dionne
Sgt of Guard                       Howard Johnson
Sgt of Recycling                  Stan Vikla
Sgt of Website                    Cliff Laughlin
VFW   Post #5919          

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Show me the Leader and I will know his men.
Show me the men and I will know their leader.
You can take the soldier
out of battle,
but you can't take the
battle out of the soldier!
One man with courage
makes a majority.