Post  Comndr     Todd Dionne               

Sr Vice Comndr  Cliff Laughlin  
Jr Vice Comndr   Dave Hanson
Quartermaster    Tom Nelson
Judge Advocate  Paul Larsen
Trustee 3 Yr        
Chuck Lindquist
Trustee 2 Yr        Art Peterson
Trustee 1 Yr        Shawn
Adjutant               Tom Nelson
Chaplain              Art Peterson
Surgeon               Dave Hanson
Service Officer     Todd Dionne
Sgt of Guard         
Doug Johnson
VFW   Post #5919          

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Show me the Leader and I will know his men.
Show me the men and I will know their leader.
You can take the soldier
out of battle,
but you can't take the
battle out of the soldier!
One man with courage
makes a majority.

Love it or Leave it.