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This VFW Post is:
Politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas,
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but for their country"
Out of many, one!
               NFL (Not For Long) Downrising

Are you ready for some stupid, idiotic political football?  The NFL has become
ground zero for the culture war.    They think politics seeping into football is okay.   
Goodell  says Trump's "divisive comments" reveal an "unfortunate lack of respect"
for the NFL.  You’re right on buddy, we have no respect for you or the game.   Is that
why you get paid $44 million?  The NFL should be destroyed by this stance.      
When St. Louis Rams players engaged in “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” protests in 2014,
the league did nothing.   When Cowboys wanted to wear Dallas police decals to
honor the department after a massacre of officers by a black radical, the NFL turned
them down flat.  When Kaepernick knelt for the Anthem, and other players followed,
the NFL did nothing.   When some players wanted to wear cleats on
September 11,
2016 honoring the fallen, the NFL threatened fines.  The winner of the day was
veteran Alejandro Villanueva,
who bucked the Steelers boycott to not even
appear for the anthem, backed by the coach.  The
loser of the day was Bills running
back McCoy, who stretched during the Anthem.  Nice move hotshot!     So much for
the NFL.
One team is called the Patriots, but they are wimps.   Anybody can kneel, it takes
courage to be a true patriot.  Yet their owner defends anti-patriotic players, who
have not invested one drop of blood in their disrespect for those who died for their
freedom. That team needs to change its name.

Protesting the National Anthem on the basis of police brutality is particularly stupid,
given the lack of statistical evidence of national law enforcement discrimination
against innocent black Americans.    This is not about race.   It’s honoring and
respecting the greatest nation on this world who puts traditional values on God,
Family and country first, not football.  All we
veterans ask of the NFL is to stand at
attention for two and half minutes to honor those who fought and died for their
freedom.  They don’t even have to sing, just know the words and honor the anthem
and the flag we waved in battle.

The Commander-in-Chief is not the one dividing America over racial lines. Those
who attack our country and president are the racist.  They are the same type idiots
who divided the nation during the Vietnam War, the
left-wing liberals, yellow press
and the professional politicians.  We veterans support the President because he
supports us, we have his back.

Yet there is hope when you listen to basketball coach Buzz Williams at Virginia Tech,
who lined up his team on the court and taught them an incredible lesson.  You may
want to watch this short video, with your family.

veterans still hold the Declaration of Independence truths to be self-evident that
all men are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with unalienable rights,
among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   So if the NFL does not
like our free Christian nation that
veterans sacrificed for, then get the hell out of our
country and stay out.  We can do without you and the game.  If you don't stand, we
don't watch.  

veterans and patriotic citizens stand for the flag and anthem, and we kneel for
fallen heroes.  We also to kneel to pray to God our Father.

So NFL (no fans left), stick it in your ears!