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This website is:
Dedicated to those who were vigilant so we
could rest,
Who gave everything that we may thrive,
Who are silent that we may breathe free.
We honor you, veterans of USA.

This VFW Post is:
Politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas,
God bless America, we salute our flag and
give thanks to our troops and first
responders.  If this offends you, leave this
website ASAP.

In God we trust.
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"Not for themselves,
but for their country"

Were you there?   Up until January 1968, U.S. troops had maintained a
strong presence in South Vietnam. Afterward, troop levels would begin to
decrease as political opposition to the war mounted.  Americans fighting in
Vietnam continued to perform admirably. Throughout the war, U.S. troops
inflicted far greater casualties on the communists than they suffered on the
battlefield.  The
Tet Offensive was the enemies plan to overrun the south. The
campaign thrust more than 80,000 communist troops on more than 100 cities
and military bases in South Vietnam on the Lunar New Year.  During the Tet,
81,000 people died, including 3,895 U.S. troops and 14,300 Vietnamese
civilians.   We killed at least 41,000 and captured 2,500 of 84,000 enemy
combatants. When all the smoke cleared, the American flag still flew over every
place that it had before Tet.   The communist did not control one piece of
ground in the South when Tet was over. Yet it was portrayed as a defeat, thanks
to the likes of Uncle Walter
Crooked Cronkite who had his nose up Ho Chi
Minh’s posterior.  His reporting made a difference in the outcome of the war. It
made a difference to President. It made a difference to millions of Vietnamese
who lost their lives or their freedom. It made a difference to America’s brave
warriors who were betrayed by the so called  “most trusted man in America.”   
How in the hell did we lose?  Congress and the
yellow media (CBS, Cronkite)  
lost the war, not the military.

CBS News anchorman Walter
Crooked Cronkite’s infamous 1968 editorial
altered U.S. public opinion about the war, a broadcast that was untrue (
), turned a monumental defeat for the communist forces into a
propaganda victory.  Stating that the U.S. had lost the war, LBJ’s  stupid
reaction was, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America,” it’s all over.
While in Saigon, Cronkite reported “the Viet Cong suffered a military defeat, its
mission proved suicidal.”  Why did he change his mind about who won the
battle? What made him change his mind in a matter of a few days?  Decades
later he admitted that he got the story wrong.  We had f
ake news 50 years ago
and did not know it, what else is new?  
We did not lose the war, we lost the peace!  And yet 90% of Vietnam vets are
still glad they served their country.  We will not be refused and abused
anymore!  Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Some call it
fake news. Jesus called it deception. When His disciples asked
about the signs of the last days, He began by giving His followers this warning:
“Take heed that no one deceives you” (Matthew 24:4).
USA is a nation founded
upon the blood, sweat and
tears of our veterans and
their loved ones
Welcome Home, Veteran
If they don't stand, Veterans don't watch!