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Veterans still proud to wear the uniform and bonded to preserve
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Provide care, benefits and support to veterans/families across the
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Provide programs and services to Lake Minnetonka community that
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If you are a veteran/family and are experiencing
CRISIS, call :  1-888-546-5838
(Confidential call line )   1-800-273-8255 Press 1
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This website is:
Dedicated to those who were vigilant so we
could rest,
Who gave everything that we may thrive,
Who are silent that we may breathe free.
We honor you, veterans of USA.

This VFW Post is:
Politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas,
God bless America, we salute our flag and
give thanks to our troops, police officers and
firefighters. If this offends you, leave this
website ASAP.
In God we trust.
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                               MERRY CHRISTMAS VETERANS

Almighty and Everlasting God, as we celebrate the birth of Your Son in this world and
experience the peace He has to offer us today, may we remember our troops at home
and abroad who dedicate their lives to protecting our nation.   War is still a part of our
lives and we thank the military who risk their lives in harm’s way for our freedom.  We pray
that you will enable us one day to put an end to war and truly experience peace on earth.

We pray that you bless, protect and preserve veterans wherever they are located.  May
they know how much we appreciate their service for our country.   Grant us opportunities
to care for, encourage, and embrace those in uniform.

We pray for their families this Christmas who suffer from separation and distance at this
time of year.  Surround them with buddies.  Be near to the wives, daughters and mothers,
husbands, sons, and fathers who miss their loved ones.   May we also remember those
who have been wounded in action, who are recovering at home or in a  hospital.  We
pray for their healing, recovery, and care. We especially remember those who are
permanently injured whether emotionally, mentally or physically.

We pray for those service families who have an empty chair at their Christmas tables that
will never be filled.  Let the sacrifices that they have made be humbly honored and deeply
respected by all citizens.  May we cherish the freedom that our troops sacrificed for
USofA .

In the Name of the Holy One who paid the Supreme Sacrifice by shedding His blood on
the cross to forgive our sins, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen!

The Lake Minnetonka VFW Post wishes everyone a
MERRY CHRISTMAS and a joyful
NEW YEAR on 2018!