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USA is a nation founded
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Welcome Home, Veteran

              Death leaves a heartache that no one can deal,
                  love leaves memories that no one can steal.

                        Battleground At School?

If life is a battleground, not a playground, should school grounds be a battleground?

As veterans, our hearts break as we heard the news of yet another battleground
school shooting in Florida, where 17 students/teachers were gunned down by a
another troubled student.   Lord, be with those families. .

These times are alive with outrage and anger as evidence comes to light that the
killer had long been spotted as possible murderer, who made no secret of that
ambition, nor of his almost erotic fixation on weapons and violence.

After reviewing the CNN so-called memorial event, veterans who have shed blood
for our freedom cannot be impressed with the lack of student understanding of the
greatness of our government.   We are great not because we are well-governed.   
We are great because we are free.   Government is to manage certain parts of our
lives, not rule over our lives.   There is no government solution that will keep
students safe if you are not prepared to participate in your own safety.   The ability
to protect yourself, family, neighborhood and country cannot be dependent upon
anyone but yourself.   There was nothing about the gun free zone that protected
the school.   It was not a bump stock or AR-15 weapon that made them less safe.   
They were a target because they were defenseless.   Stop being defenseless and
you will be safer.  We are free due to birth, not from laws.   Laws can only regulate
the free exercise of freedom.   Therefore, going to Trump demanding the
government do something is demanding less freedom for students.   It is not about
safe spaces, background checks or gun free zones.   Demand real safety for
schools.  What makes these students think the solution to fears is in Washington or
Tallahassee?    They should know you cannot ban the Second Amendment?   That
would never make them safe.  You cannot ban bad, you must control bad.   Bad
company ruins good morals.   We have tried banning various things over the last
century.   It has never worked because it cannot work.   Name a program that has
ever eliminated poverty, drug abuse, or murder.    The government can’t legislate
hate away.    It can’t eradicate mental illness, undo a bad childhood or make an evil
person good.
We need to do what works.    We need to get back to our roots and the original
intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.   We need to figure out how to be
unified even in our differences.   That spirit of unity (E Pluribus Unum) and practice
of  liberty is what makes us different than other countries in the world.    Insanity is
doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.    We all
share a goal of safe schools, safe neighborhoods, safe country and a strong
military.   We are a great nation, made up of great people, but “evil walks among
us.”   We must defend ourselves at home, at school, and on the battlefield in
uniform.   So help us God!
In Honor of Rev Billy Graham,
pastor to Americans and the world,
Pastor to many veterans